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Shenzhen Guangyeu Machine Factory Co., Ltd.

Guangyeu machine is a professional laser equipment productionenterprise that integrates research and development,production, and sales

The company has gathered professional laser technologyand management talents from well-known domestic laserenterprises, integrating and introducing internationaladvanced laser technology

Complete sets of laser equipment with independentintellectual property rights, such as fiber laser markingmachines and ultraviolet laser marking machines. Carbondioxide laser marking machine Laser welding machine. Laser cutting machine manufacture Co., Ltd

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Guangyeu Machinery Manufacturer Co,. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of precision laser equipment in China.

It is a laser manufacturer that integrates domestic and foreign technologies, has independent research and development and production of precision laser manufacturing technology, and is a domestic manufacturer of laser equipment brands.

Products include laser marking machines, laser welding machines, laser cutting machines, well launched a series of fiber laser marking machines, semi conductor laser marking machines, carbon dioxide laser marking machines, laser spot welding machines, laser mold welding machines, laser automatic welding machine, advertising word laser marking machine and other series.

guangyeu machine production workshop
guangyeu machine production workshop
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About Us Manufacture Staffing

The company has a German IPG laser equipment manufacturer as a strong backing for the operation of the enterprise.

There are many professional talents at home and abroad, including talents in optoelectronics, precision machinery, numerical control software, computers, etc. who have been engaged in research and development of similar products abroad for more than ten years;

There are also experienced mechanical engineers from home and abroad, accounting for 80% of the company’s total staff.

The benign allocation of professional talents and management talents enables the company to excel in operation and complement each other in business. This is a team with strong independent design, development and production capabilities.

The company currently has a number of invention patents and utility model patents, has all the intellectual property rights of the production products, and can provide customers with completely tailor-made products. It has an excellent reputation and reputation among customers.

Factory Work Staff
Factory Work Staff
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About Us Company Vision

Based on the business philosophy of “Quality, Innovation, Efficiency, and Service”, the company is determined to become a mainstream supplier of laser processing equipment at home and abroad, and provide high-quality products and efficient services for domestic and foreign users. The service outlets set up in various places

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