Guangyeu machine industrial upgrading and development History

Usher in a bright future after 16 years of hard work

History project

In the past 16 years, Guangyu Machinery has completed countless innovative projects

We always keep strict manufacturing principles in mind.

With lofty aspirations, we are willing to learn, innovate and change.

We have always been adhering to the company philosophy of “stable and enterprising” and “professional quality, honest management”, and spare no effort to combine laser machine technology with automation systems to create more efficient automated laser machine systems. Through unremitting efforts and contributions to the production automation industry, we strive to become the most innovative leading enterprise.

Guangyeu machine factory

Develop history 

2005,Guangyeu machine independently developed a relatively stable laser marking machine.

2006,Shenzhen Guangyeu Laser Machinery Co., Ltd. (Guangyeu) was formally registered.

2007,Guangyeu machine products obtained CE certification. Guangyeu obtained the award of “laser Industry Technology Innovation , which is an international laser industry

2008,Guangyeu machine developed a new generation of Automatic laser marking machine on fiber technology. Guangyeu machine was granted as “Excellent Supplier” by the China Export Commodities Fair (CECF).

2009,   Guangyeu machine obtained the SGS Evaluation Supplier Certificate.

2010 ,  Guangyeumachine Obtained The Chinese Laser Marking Accreditation Certificate.

2011 ,  Guangyeu machine received the Industry-University-Research Cooperation Awards for making great contributions to Laser marking innovation.

2012,  The annual production of Guangyeu machine Laser marking reached 1000 sets.

2013,Guangyeu machine owns 7 series products: laser marking machine, glass cutting machine, laser cutting machine, laser derusting clean machine , handheld laser welding machine, automatic laser welding machine and automatic laser marking machine ,laser marking system and more than 15 machine models made of different laser.

2014,Guangyeu machine moved to a new high-tech industrial zone. Guangyeu machine passed all rigorous measurements and tests and received the CE certificate 

2015,Guangyeu machine successfully developed and manufactured uv laser marking machine with high accuracy, which could meet the market demand for high-precision bag laser marking. We became a priority in the industry.

2016,The robot project was successfully developed. Guangyeu machine transformed from “made in semi automatic” to “made in fully automatic” in the aspect of industrial upgrading.

2017,Guangyeu Machine has successfully launched the latest laser marking machines, including laser welding machines, laser descaling machines, and laser cutting machines

2018,Guangyue machine strive to develop towards high-precision, high-efficiency and energy-saving fully automatic intelligent discovery

2019,We have launched high-precision marking, low energy consumption, fully automatic production line marking machines, and high-efficiency and precise welding, low energy consumption, fully automatic laser welding machines


Our Philosophy

Pursue the dream of perfect laser machinery.

Strive to serve our customers and see their needs as the driving force for our continuous development.

Help customers improve their competitiveness and profitability through strong innovation and provide high-quality machines and best service.

Achieve a win-win situation with customers.

Guangyeu machine manufacture
Guangyeu machine manufacture
Our Perspective

Become a high-efficiency and high-quality manufacturing enterprise with strong creativity.

Our Value

Do our best to make you feel satisfied and become successful.

Focus on improving production efficiency.

Be honest and trustworthy.

Provide correct and flexible decision making and management mode.

Guangyeu machine manufacture
Guangyeu machine manufacture production workshop
Our mission

Provide competitive automated weighing and packaging systems and bring customers more benefits.

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