Factory direct sale customizable power Yag laser welding machine with operation console

Power:75W  200W  400W  600W

Voltage:AC220V/±10%  AC380V±10%

Laser wavelength(um):1.064

Laser welding depth(mm):0.1-0.8  0.1-1.5


    Factory direct sale customizable power Yag laser welding machine with operation console


    Performance characteristics


    1. The welding head structure frame can be freely selected to fully meet the customer's cost and site differences requirements


    2. Customizable, separable, and grafting fixtures for quick integration with customer production lines


    3. Industrial personal computer is used as human-computer interaction, which is simple, reliable and easy to control


    4 swing welding, multi station welding can be achieved through the angle deflection of the lens


    5. The equipment has low operating costs, fewer consumables, simple daily maintenance, and reduces downtime and debugging costs


    6. Compared to traditional welding, non-contact long-distance welding can be implemented for parts that are difficult to access


    7. Widely applicable materials: various metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, brass, aluminum alloy, etc


    Simple operation, no need for welder certificate, low labor cost


    Efficient work, fast welding speed, 3-8 times higher work efficiency


    Smooth and aesthetically pleasing welds without the need for further processing


    Small side effects of non direct radiation, only protective glasses are needed


    Yag laser welding machine function characteristics


    Excellent processing quality:Laser welding spot is fine, taper is small, accuracy is high, and the welding surface is flat without bubbles


    High processing efficiency: Fast welding speed, increased work efficiency by 3-5 times


    Wide application range:New energy batteries, 3C electronics, automotive parts, medical devices, kitchen and bathroom, etc


    Motion axis:  High positioning accuracy, sensitive response, shockproof design, no need to manually move the workpiece, automatic movement for welding


    Multiple operating modes: Spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, sealing welding, etc


    Industrial PC control:It can be used for graphic welding processing consisting of laser points, straight lines, circles, squares, and other planes,

    Model GY-LD75 GY-LD200
    Laser power(W): 75W 200W
    Laser wavelength(um): 1.064
    Power(W): 75 200
    Laser welding depth(mm): 0.1-0.8 0.1-1.5
    Pulse width(ms): 0.5-20
    Spot size(mm): 0.2-2
    Overall power: <4KW <5KW
    Power requirement: 220±15%VAC..50Hz15A
    Water pressure protection ≤0.025Mpa
    Cooling water temperature: ≤35°C
    Water temperature protection: 45°C
    Cooling water flow rate: 10L/min
    Observation system: microscope
    Observation system magnification: 10X

    laser machine manufacture detail

    YAG laser welding machine

    laser welding machine detail

    laser welding machine detail


    Additional information

    Laser power

    75W 200W 400W 600W


    Q1: Why choose guangyeu laser machine

    A: Our factory has over 16+ years laser machine manufacture experience
    excellent pre-sale and after-sale services, so you can trust us absolutely

    Q2.Can you send me the video to show how the machine works?

    A: Yes, you can we have made video of every machine and uploaded them to youtube

    Q3: what about technical support

    1. Provide OEM service according to customer 、

    2.provide consultation and technology support before selling and long-term technical guide after sales

    Q4: What about warranty?

    1. we promise machine all Original, Brand new Made in China
    2.12months free of charge warranty service on spare parts(not humaifactors)
    3. Lifelong technical guide provide

    Q5: Payment Type

    T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Cash, Escrow; Large quantity can accept L/C.

    Q6:Delivery by?

    By any express, by sea, by air…

    Q7. Contact Us?

    Chat with Email Messenger, and Leave your whatsapp.


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