Factory direct sale industry customizable smoke fume air purifier for laser marking welding cutting



Purification air volume:200m³/H

Wind pressure:3100 Pa


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    Factory direct sale industry customizable smoke fume air purifier for laser marking welding cutting


    The smoke fume air purifier is equipped with a 1.3-meter universal smoking arm, which can freely change direction and position.


    The original circular smoking hood has a unique design that conforms to aerodynamic principles, with a larger smoking area and higher efficiency


    Easy to install and use, without the need for additional pipelines.


    Compact structure and small volume


    The purifier adopts an all metal integrated structure and high-quality sheet metal spray molding process, which can resist strong impacts and vibrations;


    High suction and low noise


    High performance brushless motor, high speed, low noise, stable operation, can work continuously for 24 hours, and has a long service life;


    Efficient purification


    Multi stage tower filtration design, layer by layer filtration, ensuring thorough filtration of harmful substances and reducing environmental pollution


    Universal bamboo joint pipe


    Standard 75mm diameter high-temperature resistant POM bamboo joint tube, universal adjustment, no external force required, freely hovering


    Stepless speed regulation and controllable air volume


    Industry customized smoke and odor removal


    Vortex boost with strong suction


    Wide voltage design 110V220V


    Overload protection safety first


    Compact and convenient to use body


    Air Purifier applicable fields:


    1.Electronic product repair industry: soldering materials are generally tin wire and solder paste, which are heated and melted by an electric soldering iron to spot weld and add tin to the product


    3.Laser engraving/laser marking industry: During the laser engraving and marking process, a large amount of debris, dust, and dense smoke will be generated, and even odors will be generated, causing human damage.


    4.3D printing,VOCS and smoke emitted from ABS, nylon and similar materials during 3D printing will cause harm to human health.

    laser machine manufacture detail

    fume air purifier fume air purifier fume air purifier


    Additional information

    Weight 15 kg
    Dimensions 31 × 31 × 41 cm


    Q1: Why choose guangyeu laser machine

    A: Our factory has over 16+ years laser machine manufacture experience
    excellent pre-sale and after-sale services, so you can trust us absolutely

    Q2.Can you send me the video to show how the machine works?

    A: Yes, you can we have made video of every machine and uploaded them to youtube

    Q3: what about technical support

    1. Provide OEM service according to customer 、

    2.provide consultation and technology support before selling and long-term technical guide after sales

    Q4: What about warranty?

    1. we promise machine all Original, Brand new Made in China
    2.12months free of charge warranty service on spare parts(not humaifactors)
    3. Lifelong technical guide provide

    Q5: Payment Type

    T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Cash, Escrow; Large quantity can accept L/C.

    Q6:Delivery by?

    By any express, by sea, by air…

    Q7. Contact Us?

    Chat with Email Messenger, and Leave your whatsapp.


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